Okotoks Community Dance Program – Preschool, Children and Teen Division

**The health and safety of our dancers will always be our primary concern and with that in mind, we have made the extremely difficult decision to defer our children’s dance classes this upcoming season. We want to reinforce that this is a temporary pause in our children’s dance program – we can’t wait to see all our wonderful dancers again in a safe and stable environment! We will post updates on the upcoming season and schedule as soon as they are available. Please reach out with any questions by contacting Lottie directly.**

What is the Preschool, Children and Teen Dance Program?

A community based dance program providing children, youth and adults with exceptional quality of instruction and years of graduated learning. Students explore many dance styles, genres and approaches at each level, each set of classes forming a foundation for the next year.

Classes are taught or supervised by Lottie Pederson in collaboration with the Town of Okotoks Community Programs. This unique dance program and partnership has grown, developed and evolved since its inception over 25 years ago.  Many of our dancers began dancing in the preschool program and continue to dance in the teen and adult programs.  We are now welcoming second and third generation dancers into our classes!

Participants move through the program as their age, skills and experience develop. Young dancers enter the program through the door we believe all dancers should enter the dance world, through the magical world of creative dance. As dancers grow, fundamentals of jazz dance and dance technique are introduced. The complexity of the dance class and technique increase appropriate to the age and ability of the individual and class.

Each year concludes with a full program dance recital in a professional theatre. Parents and families are invited to attend our year-end recital as well as lecture demonstrations and other performing events throughout the year.

Key Points About The Program

    • We are decidedly a non-competitive program
    • We believe that dance is an art form; we love performance
    • Dance is joyous, friendly, welcoming, challenging, satisfying
    • Non-competitive dance is among the greatest environments for expression, learning and development both physically and personally

What We Believe

Dance should be a personally rewarding and positive experience for each and every child. We are decidedly non-competitive. Non-competitive dance is fun, but not “just for fun”. Our dancers focus on creating and accomplishing challenges personal to themselves, not with other dancers or with other dance organizations. Children enjoy their dance classes and thrive in the non-competitive atmosphere.

It is the whole child comes to dance. It is the whole child that develops physically, spiritually, intellectually and socially.  Each valued dancer will experience the rewards of a healthy dance environment in terms of building positive self-esteem and developing creativity, critical thinking, team building and an appreciation for themselves, others, and dance as an art form.

About Lottie – The Children’s Dance Teacher

Lottie is a Master Teacher in Dance, Functional Movement and Somatic Practices.  Studies in dance began at an early age and still continue.  The dance program at Grant McEwen and The University of Alberta provided foundations for a career as a professional dancer.  Lottie performed with the University of Alberta’s Orcheses and The Alberta Contemporary Dance Theatre, a professional performing and touring dance company.

University studies and degree (with Distinction),  in Collaborative Studies in Dance, Kinesiology, and Dance Education from the University of Calgary provided many of the concepts and philosophies informing her current teachings in Dance and Functional Movement.

A certification in Child Care Counselling and ten years working with youth and Alberta Social Services provides for a unique and well developed teaching style, effective teaching skills and diverse program content development.

A life time of teaching, performing and education has created what our community has come to know as a unique and extraordinary dancing experience for dancers of all levels and ages.

“A dance teacher can have a profound effect on how your child views dance, teachers, and most importantly, themselves. Choose carefully.”

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