Lottie Pederson has been teaching dance, Pilates, and movement classes in the community of Okotoks, Alberta for almost 30 years. Her experience, teaching style, and the friendly, comfortable atmosphere of her classes is renowned in the community and keeps her students coming back year after year, some for as many as 25 years. Lottie offers adult dance classes as well as Pilates and movement classes through The Alberta Dance & Drama Academy. In her private studio at the Okotoks Agricultural Society, Lottie offers private and group Pilates sessions, GYROTONIC® lessons and GYROKENESIS® classes.

There are incredible physical and mental health benefits that come with keeping our bodies moving and training our bodies to move properly.  Lottie’s classes will help you learn and realize these benefits while getting fantastic exercise, making friends and wonderful memories, and having fun!

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like more information on classes with Lottie Pederson.

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