Moments in Time

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I have been so thankful for Lottie Pederson and Pilates. I have a physical condition called Ehlers-Danlos type 3 as well as fibromyalgia which limits what I can do for exercise and in fact have been unable to do any form of exercise for many years. Every attempt has resulted in injury and I have been forced to quit. I found Lottie two years ago. Since then I have steadily gained strength, muscle tone and flexibility. No matter what part of me is injured she is always able to adjust my routine and work around my limitations. I have been able to do things in class I never thought possible. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived.  Lottie’s knowledge is inspiring, her passion for what she does, contagious, and she is just a delightful person to spend time with. I can’t say enough how glad I am to have her in my life.


As you know, I recently completed a 250KM, self-supported foot race across China’s Gobi desert, achieving a personal best finish, placing 19th out of 150 competitors from all over the world.
I truly believe Pilates played a major roll in, not only my overall core strength, but in my conditioning as well. And, your knowledge, passion and commitment to my personal goals have changed my life. I no longer suffer from chronic lower leg and knee injuries due to excess running. You have taught my body the proper way to move and the proper muscles to move with.
Any athlete wishing to improve overall health and performance needs to seriously consider Pilates as a foundation for all other training. Without a solid core, everything else will suffer.
Thank you,


What I love about Lottie’s dance classes for children is that she teaches the dancers to understand the movements of their bodies and how to respond to music appropriately. This teaches the children self-awareness and respect for self and others. My daughter flourishes in Miss Lottie’s class!


This isn’t just a dance class, it’s an environment where Miss Lottie can turn a dozen chatty and energized kids into dancers! The children are unique with varying strengths and abilities and Miss Lottie teaches these children to work together forming a creative masterpiece come the spring dance recital! This is a program that both my daughter and I look forward to each and every week!


Miss Lottie!
What can I say, we are all a little bit in love with Miss Lottie. She is so loved and respected and was born with a gift and that is to teach! For one very special hour she casts a magic spell on us and we become “her dancers”, whether we are 30 or 80 and have never danced before. Her adult dance class is good for the body, mind and soul and we all keep coming back year after year.
Lots of love,


If anyone had told me that I would be taking a dance class in my 70’s, I would never have believed it….but I absolutely love dancing with Lottie.  She makes everyone feel like they can dance even if they have never danced in their lives….. and so we can.  She creates an atmosphere where everyone can feel they belong and they can have fun and still get an amazing workout!