Okotoks Community Dance Program – Adult Division

Open to women of all ages and all abilities! Classes are offered through a partnership between the Town of Okotoks Community Programs and Lottie Pederson. Participants can choose between two levels of dance instruction: beginner or extra.


Let’s Move Beginner

Do you start to sway and tap your foot when you hear great music? Have you always wanted to experience the profound connection of music and movement? Maybe you have already heard that dance is the number one activity for keeping your mind, body and spirit young and confronting the aging process…like a fountain of youth! All you need is a love of music and a love of movement. No previous dance experience is necessary.

9 Classes In-person at the Okotoks Rec Centre
Wednesdays Feb 2 – Apr 6 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Let’s Move Extra

An exceptional class with exceptional instruction in adult education, movement arts and sciences. This super fun, super friendly class masterfully weaves the latest in movement science within the spirit of dance, sometimes jazz dance or swing, Latin, country….you name it, we will be dancing to it! This class is designed for quick learners with some dance or movement background.

9 Classes In-person at the Okotoks Rec Centre
Fridays Feb 4 – Apr 8 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM


Community classes are offered as either an online or in-person experience.

Register now at activeokotoks.ca! If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

Key Points About The Program

    • Each class is a mix of a variety of movement styles
    • Dance for adults is fun, filled with laughter and friendship in a warm and caring atmosphere
    • Dance is about the whole person, whole body, and whole mind
    • Dance keeps your mind active, creative, and youthful
    • Dancing develops a strong and supple body. A dancing body moves in every possible way, stretching, bending, balancing, walking, standing, moving forwards, backwards, etc.

About Lottie – The Adult Dance Teacher

Lottie’s approach to teaching adult dance is a reflection of a lifetime of studying, performing and teaching dance. She understands what it is like to a student and a teacher.

Lottie is a Master Teacher in Dance, Functional Movement and Somatic Practices.  Studies in Dance began at an early age and still continue.   The dance program at Grant McEwen and The University of Alberta provided foundations for a career as a professional dancer.  Lottie performed with the University of Alberta’s Orcheses and The Alberta Contemporary Dance Theatre, a professional performing and touring dance company.

Her university studies and degree (with Distinction), in Collaborative studies in Dance, Kinesiology, and Dance Education from the University of Calgary along with previous studies from the Dance program at Grant McEwen and The University of Alberta,  provided many of the concepts and philosophies informing her current teachings in Dance and Functional Movement. As a result of her extensive and diverse dance experience, Lottie has created what her participants have come to know as a unique and extraordinary dancing experience for dancers of all levels and ages.

Lottie teaches dance to approximately sixty adults, at three levels of ability, within the Adult Let’s Move Dance Program, as part of 25 year partnership with The Town of Okotoks Community Programs.

“If anyone had told me that I would be taking a dance class in my 70’s, I would never have believed it…but I absolutely love dancing with Lottie.  She makes everyone feel like they can dance even if they have never danced in their lives….and so we can.  She creates an atmosphere where everyone can feel they belong and they can have fun and still get an amazing workout!”


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